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Edward Moreta SR

Contemporary Writer & Producer

My History

In 1999, I started playing guitar by accident. I asked my friend to pay me some money that he owed me, and he paid me with a guitar. I had never had a guitar in my hands. When I took it out of the case, I strummed it. I instantly said “it’s out of tune”. I was confused; I had no idea how I knew it was out of tune, but intuitively knew that it was somehow. Since then, I have fallen in love with the guitar and its sound.

The next day, I decided to go to Guitar Center to buy guitar books and an electric tuner. On my way there, I heard the song Amapola by Juan Luis Guerra from the album (Ni es lo mismo ni es igual) and I made myself a promise: I would play and sing Amapola to my son when he was born. It took me almost seven months to become proficient enough to transcribe the song myself; in the end, I played the song for my son when he was born!

For a couple of years, I took private guitar lessons. When I felt prepared enough, I made the decision in my life to make music my career choice; music has been a light in my life ever since then.

I applied to multiple universities but I harbored a great interest in the New England Conservatory of Music because I had always had an interest in classical music. However, one of my friends spoke to me about Berklee; I was moved by his story and decided to apply there. I was accepted and decided to go in September of 2003.

My journey through Berklee was a difficult one; I already had two children (four years and an infant), and I had a full time job.

My practices to learn how to play the classical guitar in less than four years were so strong that in my third semester of Berklee I was submitted into surgery for my middle finger on my right hand. It was all fine in the end, as a couple of months of therapy had me playing guitar in no time.

After four years of hard studies and bad nights, intense moments, and tests, I graduated as a Contemporary Writer and Production from Berklee in 2008. For a moment, I thought that I had achieved everything! Soon, I figured out I was completely mistaken. I filled out many applications for work, knocked on many doors, and had offers for jobs that were not possible for me because of my family. I decided to take my time, analyzing and organizing my priorities; I came to the conclusion that my dream would be to own my proper recording studio! Although it took me years to accomplish, I had a dream and knew that with proper work I could achieve it.

And so, E7studios was born! In July of 2016, I opened E7studios and my dream came to a reality even though saying it now is easier said than done. Living and Learning!

From the opening of the studio, all of the projects that have materialized have surpassed all of my expectations. My trajectory has been a carousel of positive experiences and I have learned things I never would have dreamed of!