by Josean Jacobo & Tumbao

Hailed as “The Ambassador of Afro-Dominican Jazz”, pianist, composer and arranger Josean Jacobo is pre release of Cimarron on E7Studios. a 10-track collection of compositions brought to life by Jacobo’s sext Jonathan Suazo and Rafael Suncar, bassist Daroll Méndez, drummer Otoniel Nicolas and percussionist M explosive colors of the folkloric rhythms of the group’s native Dominican Republic. Recorded at E7studios in Boston ma, Engineered, mixed and mastered by Alberto Santamaria with the assistant of Edward Moreta at Nora Sounds LLC in NYC, Moreta is also credited to the concept of the record producer and executive producer.

Afro Dominican Jazz is a new type of Jazz with a Dominican instruments fusion and rhythms that creates a new identity in this new era.